Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Silly Bandz Prints

If you have kids or spend a lot of time with kids, you are probably aware of the phenomenon that is "Silly Bandz"  That is, shaped rubber bands.  They come in many shapes and a lot of kids like to wear a big stack of them around their wrist.  Here's a little project using them to make prints!

Supplies:  Shaped rubber bands, ink pads, paper

On a scrap piece of paper, cover one side of the bands in ink by tapping the ink pads on them.  You can use one color, or use several different pads to color the band for a multi-color effect.

On the paper you are making the print on, carefully lay the bands on the paper, ink side down.  Tap them gently on the paper, trying to keep them in one place as much as possible.

Pull the rubber bands up carefully.   You can rinse the ink off of the bands in cool water. 

Now you can use the ink pads and colored pencils to color your print!

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