Sunday, January 16, 2011

Perler Bead and Paper Stamped Pendant

Make a cute and fun little pendant with perler beads, paper, and stamps!

MATERIALS:   Perler Beads, Stamps (I used ones that I carved myself,) ink, craft glue, card stock paper, high gloss finish, jump rings
TOOLS:  Hand drill, iron, ironing paper (parchment paper should work as well,) Hexagonal Perler Bead base

Start laying out beads in a hexagonal pattern.  You can use all one color, use different shades of one color, make a pattern, or just place them randomly depending upon the effect you want.

Continue placing beads in a circular pattern until you have three rows around the center bead.  Add a bead at the top to serve as the bail. 

Cover your pendant with the ironing paper and gently fuse it with the iron - 20 or 30 seconds should do it. 

Once it has cooled, pull it off of the base, turn it over, cover it with the ironing paper and repeat the process to fuse the back side together. 

Now create a hexagon that is four beads wide on each side with nothing in the center, and add a bead at the top.

Fuse the second piece on both sides.  Now you have two pieces that look like this, a "backing" piece and a "frame" piece.  Use the hand drill to re-open the holes in the top beads if fusing has melted them shut or they are too small to put a jump ring through.  

Trace the inside of your hexagon "frame" piece on to card stock

Stamp and decorate your paper and then cut it out just inside the lines from the previous step.   I added glitter glue, because I'm fancy like that. 

Glue your paper to the center of your "backing" hexagon piece. 

Glue the "frame" piece on top, seal the paper with a high gloss finish of your choice, let dry and add a jump ring. 

All Done!  

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