Monday, October 20, 2008

Make It Monday! Recycled Box!

Yay! A recycling project today! Using packaging that would otherwise get tossed in the rubbish, you can make a cute little box to hold odds and ends.

What you need:
A ruler, a marker, scissors, and a bone folder. (That last isn't strictly necessary, but it makes making creases so much easier.)

A single-layer cardboard box, like the ones crackers, cereal, etc. come in.

Glue! (this stuff is quickly becoming my favorite general purpose craft glue)

What you do:
Cut a five inch by six inch piece of cardboard.

Measure and mark a line one inch in from the long side, and two inches in from the short side.

Measure and mark a line one inch from the short side.

Now, using the bone folder or another folding tool, fold and crease all of the measurement lines.

Make a cut two inches from the side, one inch toward the center.

Cut off the outer four corners. (This is a one inch square that you cut)

Fold the long sides up, and fold the flaps in. Pull up the flap from the short side and glue them down.

Glue the two flaps on the long side of the box down

Clamp the sides and let the glue dry. (Notice my oh-so-fancy paperclip clamps.) :)

The completed project:

Now you can use it as is, or go nuts decorating it!

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