Monday, September 22, 2008

MONDAY DIY! Yarn Beads

This week at Make Messes, we bring you a fun DIY Yarn bead project, make some lovely beads out of some very humble materials! What the finished project will look like:

Here's What You'll Need:
Drinking Straws:

A wooden dowel or skewer - skinny enough that the drinking straw can fit over it.

Yarn! We're partial to the small balls of cotton yarn around here, but you can really use any kind you like.

Scissors! I use my fabric scissors for cutting the yarn and my paper pair for cutting the straws

Glue Applicators (I use the eyeshadow applicators you can get in a pack of twenty or so)

Here's What You Do:
Cut the drinking straws into short lengths. (Mine were all around 1 -1 1/4 inch)

Slide a cut piece of straw onto the dowel or wooden skewer:

Coat the piece of straw with glue:

Cut a piece of yarn and wrap it around the straw:

Let the glue dry:

Trim the ends:

A handful of colorful beads!

String them on a piece of yarn and tie in back with a simple bow for a fun and casual necklace!