Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I need Guinea Pigs!

I need guinea pigs!  I know, I know, the proper term would be "beta testers" or something like that.  But I'm just old school that way, I guess.  And I really like guinea pigs. :)  

So I have this game/art activity that started as a way to keep my children and a couple of my nephews happy when we were all visiting grandma and it was simply too hot for them to run around outside and play one afternoon.  It then grew and morphed when I had an assignment around the theme of games in one of my classes.   It's part collaborative art, part "exquisite corpse," part chance operations, part I don't know, "Mother May I?" perhaps?  There's no goal or "winning" other than the fun of creating.  

Our class had a lot of fun playing it, and now I have created a PDF of instructions and "rules."  I'm looking for some people willing to download the PDF and take a look, try playing it, and then give me some feedback.  Are the instructions clear?  Confusing in any way?  What worked?  What didn't work?  Did my PDF file work and look decent? etc.  It probably needs at least three people, four would be better; we had a group of nine people and it seemed to work well.   

If you are interested, send me an email at makemesses@gmail.com with the subject "Monster Mash Game"  I will send the PDF out Dec. 30 at noon (mountain time.)  So drop me a line before then if you are a willing guinea pig!

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