Sunday, October 4, 2009

Eye of Newt Bottle

October means we can officially start the countdown to Halloween! I found some great jars at the thrift store that got my creepy creative ideas flowing, and this is my first project!

You will need:
*Empty glass bottle (cheap to pick up at the thrift store)
*"Aqua Gems" Found these in the floral section at the craft store, they start out tiny and increase in size to small marbles as the absorb water.
*Paper and a marker
*Ink pad (for "aging" the paper")
*Wavy edge scissors
*Adhesive (I was going for a quick and easy project here, so I used my Xyron sticker maker, but you can use your glue of choice.)
*DiHydrogenMonoxide! :) (Also known as H20, agua, and water)
*A cork that fits your bottle's lid

Put the Aqua Gems in the bottle (I used black, purple, orange, and green) and add water. You really don't need many of the gems, and can always add more later. Fill the bottle (most of the way) with water.

Write "Newt's Eyes" or "Eye of Newt" or whatever creepy ingredient you can think of on card stock. Use an ink pad to color the paper around your writing (this will be the "aged" edge of the label.) I used green.

Cut the label out with your wavy edge, or other decorative scissors of your choice. You could also use regular scissors, or tear the paper.

Glue the label on to the jar, insert a cork in the top, and wait several hours for the Aqua Gems to expand. Voila! Squishy creepy stuff smooshed in a jar to sit on your shelf for Halloween!

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