Monday, August 3, 2009

Silliness! "Found" Puppets.

Hello! I'm the Green Guy! Want to hear the story of my creation? Read on!

It all started at the dollar store. I found the silicone basting brush, which was practically begging to be made into a puppet. I was then in "creature making mode," and found a chenille scrub brush and duster that also wanted a new and exciting life as puppets.

In addition to the "found" items, I also used glue, wiggle eyes, and permanent marker.

This one is so very easy! I glued the wiggle eyes on, let them dry, and used permanent marker to add details like mouths and eyelashes.

TAH-DAH! Quick-n-easy puppets! (Much thanks to my kids for providing the puppetry and backdrop!)

P.S.: We used a barrette to hold the feather duster's "hair" back, because otherwise it fell in front of her eye! We just used a boring one, but I will probably hunt down a cuter one (either one I make or one of the plastic ones little girls wear) to use in the future.

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